Dating Introductions: Friends and Family vs. Dating Services – Dating Tips For Finding Love

Dating Introductions: Friends and Family vs. Dating Services – Dating Tips For Finding Love

Have you been relying on your friends and family for dating introductions? Do you hope the people who know you best, can help you find the love of your life? After a few dates with a “friend of a friend” do you wish you could just meet someone who showed even a little promise of something more? Dating services are a great way to get the best dating introductions with people who are actually a match for your dating profile.

There are a few different types of online dating services.

Most of them have you complete a dating profile which tells your potential dates who you are and what type of man you’re looking for. While your friends and family may know this information, they usually don’t do through the process of eliminating people who you may not be compatible with. A dating introductions service allow you to view the men who are looking for you, which will offer you a greater chance of success.

In addition to the traditional online dating introductions services, eHarmony and, there are various dating sites geared toward specific religious, ethnic and interest groups.

If you’re a Jewish single, Christian, African-American, Latina, Asian, a senior, a BBW, or even an older woman seeking younger men, there’s a dating service for you. Since your friends and family’s circle of friends may be limited if you’re looking for people of a specific group, you may not be able to find a large number of dates.

Now you may not want to spend all of your life at your computer or on your phone looking for your next date. That’s why there are options for people who want to get out for their dating introductions. One of the most popular is speed dating. With speed dating you get to meet 8-12 men. You have a six minute date with each man. So by the end of the evening you’ve met almost a dozen potential dates. Each person indicates which of these “dates” they want to see again and if there’s a match then contact information will be given by the sponsor.

Another option is parties and dinners where you’re introduced to multiple people at once.

Eight at Eight Dinner Clubs brings four women and four men together for dinner. Lock And Key Events parties are another type of interactive singles event. At a Lock And Key party every woman gets a padlock and every man gets a key. Couples meet as they try to find a lock and key match. Although these events are not matching you with anyone, they allow you to be introduced to a number of different types of men that you might not otherwise meet.

The final type of dating service your friends and family have to compete with are actual dating introductions services like It’s Just Lunch. This service sets professionals up on one hour dates. If each person wants to meet each other again at the end of the date they can exchange phone numbers and arrange another date.

As you can see although your friends and family can be a good source of dating introductions, with so many options out there why would you limit yourself? Since the prices for these services can range from free to hundreds of dollars, it makes sense to choose the type of dating service that fits your personality. Remember the most important thing you need to do to meet the man of your dreams is to get out there, take a risk, and try something new.

Shoshana Jackson is a freelance writer and life coach. She is also the owner and editor of While she writes and coaches on various topics her primary focus is on dating and relationship advice for women. For information on coaching services or to ask a question feel free to send her an email using the Contact Us form.

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