Online Dating – 5 Tips to Find Love and Stay Safe

Online Dating – 5 Tips to Find Love and Stay Safe

Online dating has become extremely popular these days and for really good reasons too.


They are easier and cheaper than going out to the bar, easier to pick a person you really like the looks of, and can be used morning, noon, and night. But just like the bar or anywhere else there are some safety rules to follow before and when you meet.

1. Do not give out personal information that will come back to bite you.

This includes anything that gives your location of your house, work, friends, family or anything or place you go to. At least not until you’ve met the person and know that it is safe to do so. I once had a guy track me down at work. I had never told him where I worked but somehow he figured it out. Any information, no matter how small it is can be used to find you. This includes Facebook or MSN or any social networking site like that.

2. When you do decide to meet make sure it’s in public.

Even if it’s tempting to meet at one of your places or plan a romantic picnic avoid the temptation for the first few dates. You just never know and obviously you won’t have anywhere to run away to if you need to.

3. Meet separately at the place of choice.

Take your own car or grab a cab but do not let them pick you up or meet them at their place. This is just an extra bonus that goes with meeting in public. If they turn out to be crazy and you are in an enclosed car it could equal a dangerous and life threatening situation.

4. Use the buddy system with a close friend or family member.

Whether they just know where you are going, with who, and what time you should be done or whether they come to the same place and keep an eye on what’s happening you should utilize the buddy system in one way. This insures that someone can be alerted and aware of something going wrong if it does.

5. Remember to keep your money to yourself.

You’ve seen this on Dr. Phil or in the news where people get scammed by people they meet online. I don’t care if they say their mother is dying and they need to get on the next flight. They can get money from someone they know or some other resource besides someone they just met online. It’s not right on so many levels and once you give it to them they’ll know they can keep asking.

Follow these tips along with your intuition when it comes to online dating and you’ll have a great experience that may end in love. With millions of people on online dating sites it happens every day and it could happen to you.

Bellaisa is an advocate for happy and stable relationships with yourself and with others and she is the owner of The Relationship Circle. To find a dating site right for you check out some popular dating site reviews by clicking here.

Anthony Hunter

Anthony Hunter