Organise the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Organise the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year and everyone expects the day to be made special with a great meal out and a gift or two. For many this is the one day where they actually show their partners how much they care.

We are so busy with our working lives and the children that often we forget to stop and just tell our loved ones how we really feel, date night disappears and is soon forgotten and days just seem to roll from one to the other. Maybe this year you should make an extra special effort to make your loved one feel special in every way.

The Planning Stages

Everyone enjoys surprises and what better way than to make Valentine’s Day a spectacular day filled with gifts, special moments and caring thoughts? You don’t have to spend a fortune, maybe buy a couple of cheap valentine gifts that you can give throughout the day to make the day that little bit special.

The first thing to remember about this day is that everyone wants to go out for a meal, so if you have a favourite restaurant book it as soon as possible to secure your table.

Arrange your babysitter in advance so that you know you can go out and have an enjoyable time and then buy your cheap valentine gifts online, maybe have them delivered to work so your other half doesn’t find out about them.

On the Day

Start the day by getting up early and getting the children ready for school, maybe making your loved one a coffee or even breakfast in bed before you have to get ready to go to work.

Pop a love poem in their handbag or briefcase as a surprise and to put a smile on their face when at work. If you intend sending flowers, this should have been organized in advance, but rather arrange a courier to deliver one of the cheap valentine gifts you purchased and have them surprised at work.

After Work

Once you’re heading home after work phone your loved one and tell them to get ready to go out, maybe pick the babysitter up on your way home. Get home, a quick shower and maybe one more gift before you head to your favourite restaurant.
It doesn’t take a lot to show your loved one how you feel, they were probably only expecting one gift, so being able to shower them with plenty of gifts on valentine’s day only makes the day that extra special.

Of course they don’t have to know you bought cheap valentine’s gifts and paid the same as you would for a dozen roses, but the fun thing is that you can give them a selection of gifts on the day, adding to the excitement of Valentine’s Day.
There is one thing I have forgotten to mention and that is you must not forget a card. While a secret poem popped in their lunch box is romantic, everyone loves a great valentine’s card that they can put on display.

Maybe keep some of your cheap valentine’s gifts back to give them later on in the evening or hand them out throughout the year to show you really care. It’s so easy once you have a family to struggle to find time to spend together and looking after the children is so time consuming that those three simple words that mean so much are just never spoken.

My last suggestion on Valentine’s Day is after dinner take a quiet walk together or enjoy a movie, don’t rush back home. You’ve got the babysitter and it’s time to just enjoy each other’s company for a change, chances are you’ll talk about the kids and home life, but at least it’s just the two of you. If it’s late head home and let the babysitter go home, curl up on the couch with a romantic movie and a bottle of wine and just relax.

There are so many ways to make this romantic day that little bit more romantic and you can do it without breaking the bank, you just need to plan ahead and get all the arrangements in place to make this day extra special.

Sam Mulder is a romantic at heart that believes Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for loved ones to spend time together and cheap valentine gifts is just one way to make the day a special one.

Anthony Hunter

Anthony Hunter