Penis Extenders . How To Get a Relationship This is a small post.

Penis Extenders . How To Get a Relationship This is a small post.

I’ve always been on the side of women when it comes to penis size.

My view is that penis size doesn’t really matter as it’s how you use it that counts. Plus most women don’t orgasm through penetration so what does penis size have to do with anything?

I do realize that women obsess about their small amount of stomach fat or the butt fat that is starting to look like…fat – and even their breast size.  

I also have become extremely aware that this obsessing can have a negative impact on their self-esteem or outlook. And who can blame guys for obsessing about one thing when women obsess about  many things?
With my new found awareness I headed out to see the real reason men are worried about their penis size and it seems to boil down to one thing.


Their confidence level in bed is not where it could be because they are worried about the penis size! Worried what she thinks, worried about their performance, and just plain unhappy.

Быть счастливыми в отношениях всегда!

So is there a way to make your penis bigger?

I’m not sure why penis talk is so taboo. Every guy has a penis. But many article sites and other information gathering sites don’t allow the word penis. So finding articles on penis extenders was hard. But articles are sometimes biased anywase.
I headed to the forums, the place where guys can talk freely about THEIR experiences, to get the lowdown on what guys are doing to increase their penis size, and whether or not it was working.

The number one topic I found was about penis extenders.

Heard of them? They are actually quite interesting.
Essentially what they do is straighten and extend (pull) your penis. It involves sticking the penis in this ‘penis extender’ and then using traction to create some pull on the penis.

Guys using this are experiencing gains on their penis size. I personally have seen guys talking about 1. 5cm to 2. 8cm gain, and most of these guys were in the middle of using their penis extender.  

I saw a lot of talk about SizeGenetics penis extender as well – and after some research into them I can see why. They offer a device that is backed by doctors, unique on the market, and full of extras that help guys take care of their penis health.
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There was talk about penis pills and other techniques such as jelqing, but most of those techniques didn’t seem to be working as well as the penis extender.  
It seems that those two penis enlarging techniques don’t last. Meaning they work for a while then the results disappear once you stop using them.

That said I did read stories about guys who used all three techniques. These guys almost always seemed to be seeing good results. So if you want to increase your penis size then you may want to incorporate all three penis enlarging techniques into your routine.

Anthony Hunter

Anthony Hunter