Sex is Not Quality Time For Women

Sex is Not Quality Time For Women

You may think that if you are hitting it between the sheets a few nights a week with your woman that quality time is covered between the two of you, but you are wrong!

While sex does improve the relationship and bring you two closer together (especially you are really pleasing her in bed), a woman wants to actually spend time with you not having sex too – and that is what she labels ‘real quality time’.

So how do you spend quality time with your woman and make her happy? There are many different ways you can do this.
Here are just a few examples.

Make an Hour of Quality Time a Day Just to Talk

This does not mean watching TV and talking or hanging out with friends and talking – this means quality time together where you focus on only each other. You don’t even have to talk if you don’t want to. You can make the hour about her and listening to her. Just make sure you really listen or she will get pissed off very fast once she finds out you’ve been staring at the wall for an hour.

Spending an hour together a day will only strengthen your relationship and make her feel like you enjoy spending time with her.
Have Quality Time Out of The House

If you have kids get a babysitter. If you have pets leave them at home or get a babysitter. No family. No friends. Just the two of you. That is quality time out of the house together.

It doesn’t matter if you go for a walk or a few nights to the mountains. Getting away together will strengthen your relationship and bring you closer together.

Do Self-Help Together – Grow as a Couple

I’m not talking about therapy here. I’m talking about finding something that you are both interested in that will only improve your lives and learn about it together.

Things like:
Law of attraction
How to influence people
How to have better sex
How to lose weight

Anything that the both of you have an interest in will work here. You can spend some time before bed reading or listening to the self-help CD’s together. Whatever – growing together as a couple is extremely personal and satisfying and is a great way to spend quality time together.

Anthony Hunter

Anthony Hunter