Sexting: Are Your Kids Getting Dirty Messages?

Sexting: Are Your Kids Getting Dirty Messages?

Sexting is getting picture messages to your phone of naked or lewd pictures.  

This is a new fad circulating among many crowds, and is gaining popularity among teenagers.   You don’t have to let this happen.   There are things you can do to prevent your kids from sexting.

What happened in our world?   Do you remember when sex used to be sacred?   Do you remember when kissing was a big deal?   Do you remember how shy people, teenage girls in particular, used to be to show their body?

Today is a different time.

Kids are baring all, and more than that, they’re taking pictures of it and, the photos are being spread virally through different social networking sites and even through sexting the pictures through cell phones.

As a parent, you often don’t know, or worse, don’t believe this is happening to your kids.   In reality, over 60% of teenagers are sexually active.   That’s more than half.   Which side of the statistic does your child fall into?

And if the stat says 60% are sexually active, how many are viewing and distributing pornographic pictures through their cell phone?   I would venture to say many more than that.

Taking pictures of yourself naked and mailing them to your boyfriend is a sure sign of insecurity.   It’s a testament to the social pressures that children are put through today.   They have a constant need for acceptance, and are pressured to be popular.
The social networking sites stress the amount of «friends» a person has.   In reality, they aren’t really «friends».   I think children today over-use the word friend, and that is part of what pressures them to be accepted.

In the hope of being accepted and gaining friends and popularity, they want to be one of the kids everyone is talking about.   So they take a naked picture, send a picture message to their boyfriend, and it gets spread virally around the world where they «gain popularity».
In reality, as adults, we know this degrading to the person who is taking the picture as much as it is to those spreading the picture.

But what can you do as a parent to stop it?

The first thing you can do is call your cell phone provider and have them block the particular phone from downloading pictures.   There is typically no charge for this, and your child will no longer be able to download any picture, so you won’t have to worry about them «sexting».

There are also services that you can buy that will direct the text and picture messages to your phone for review.   This is a great parental control for sexting.   You get a chance to view all of your child’s messages before they do.   Know exactly what they are up to and prevent them from getting into things they shouldn’t be.

Sexting is on the rise among teenagers.   You do have options to help prevent it.   If you enjoyed this article, share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Anthony Hunter

Anthony Hunter