Sexual Arousal

Sexual Arousal

Sexual arousal is important because it�

s what ideally should happen before having sex. I�m sure you want your girl to be an active participant during the seduction process. Ideally what most men want is when a women is seducing the guy the whole time.

However, it�s important that both partners are having an active role during the seduction process. The way to get her to participate in the seduction phase is to make sure she is sexually aroused first.


The Details:


It�s important to have sexual tension first before bringing sexual arousal. Arousal starts in a women�s mind. Getting women aroused is not just about getting physical with them. Women are more complicated whereas guys are ready to have sex as soon as they are turned on. Keep in mind that it�s always important to isolate a women first before seducing her. The following are powerful techniques that you can use to get women sexually aroused.


Picture Her Naked and Being Naughty:

Once you choose a girl that you want for the night, your going to want to start thinking sexual thoughts while you�re talking to her. Imagine her doing all kinds of sexual things to you. Once you get into that sexual state, she is going to feel it right away. She will see it in your eyes and your facial expression. Example: She will notice right away that you are giving her the I want to fuck you eyes.


Build a Sexual Vibe Around Her

: This will not work very well with guys who are not very dominant in their normal behavior. Most women will respond very well to a man that shows dominant body language during the seduction phase. Become sexually powerful. Invade her space more. Of course, you want to do all this after you know that she is into you.


Use Intense Push-Pull:

When you kiss her, kiss her really hard. Slap her ass. Pull her in close to you and hold her tight. At the same time do gentle acts as well. Kiss her on the cheek and stroke her hair. Kiss her on the neck. Alternate acts of dominance with gentle acts.

If you do this smoothly and correctly, women will go wild and want you like crazy! You know you�re doing this correctly once you�re very turned on because once you�re very turned on doing this technique, there is huge chance that she is just as turned on.


Kiss Her With Passion:

Kiss her like you really mean it. Like it�s the last kiss you will ever give her. Start slowly at first and the more you get into it, the harder you kiss her. Pull her hair and position her face to wherever you want it. She will get very sexually aroused by this.


Tell Her What You Want To Do To Her:

Be graphic and sexual here. Tell her all the naughty things you want to do to her. The trick here is to blame your sexual intentions on her. Tell her that it�s because of her ways of winning you over that you want to do all those naughty things to her. After telling her that it�s because of how she acts around you that makes you think of all the dirty things you want to do to her, push her away verbally and/or physically. Tell her to go away because she is driving you insane! Push-pull at all times.


Be dominant:

You want to make sure that when she looks at you, that everything else is blocked out. Make it seem like it�s just the two of you in a bubble. Use your eyes and your body to capture her attention. If you happen to not have big body, using an intense confident eye contact will accomplish this technique.

Make it seem like nothing else exist and it�s just the two of you. Make her feel lusted over. Let her know through your body language that you know what you want and you go after what you want. As long as you show her dominance with a smirk on your face or a playful manner, things will go well.


Bottom line:


Make sure that you are constantly exercising push pull while creating sexual arousal. Constantly building the sexual arousal without pushing it back a bit may freak her out. A good balance of push pull is necessary. Make sure that there is attraction, plenty of comfort and sexual tension first before building sexual arousal.

No women is going to be turned on by a guy until her mind is engaged first. It�s important to make sure you start seducing a women only when you and her are isolated. You will create much more obstacles for yourself if you try seducing her in public.


Anthony Hunter

Anthony Hunter