Sexual Turn Ons: What’s The Sexiest Body Part?

Sexual Turn Ons: What’s The Sexiest Body Part?

So what is it about that particular body part that just drives you wild?

You know what I’m saying, so don’t pretend you don’t.   You see a member of the opposite sex walk buy, and you zone in on that favorite spot of yours.   Is it his chest, her boobs, their butt, what is it?   What is it about their sexiest body part that is just a total sexual turn on?
Sexual turn ons can be many different things.   But why are you so focused on that particular sexy body part?   I’m a guy, and for me, it is without a doubt the butt.   I love a nice round, firm butt.   It drives me wild and certainly gets my mind filled with sexual fantasy.

What I like about that perfect butt is the way it bounces, the way it sounds when you smack it.   I love when it’s bent over, and the line of the back and waist just flow out at the hips.   I love that pretty little surprise peaking out from underneath. I love the way it makes me think about sex, makes me crave sex, and makes me fantasize about the things I’d like to do.

I know a lot of guys are breast guys.  

I don’t really get it, but to each his own.
And Ladies, how about you?

What drives you wild about a man.   Is it his chest, his butt, his stomach?   What drives you wild and makes you want him?   What about that part drives you wild?

I have to be honest, I never really understand how a man’s butt can turn anyone on.   I mean, you are more on the receiving end, so what do you do with that butt that makes you so horny?

Share Your Thoughts

I’m interested in knowing and sharing what others think is the sexiest body part.   What is a sexual turn on to you?
All you have to do is fill in the comment form below and share your thoughts (you don’t have to use your real name).   Just tell us what body part turns you on sexually.   Make sure you share why it turns you on.

You’re Not Alone

I get emails from people all the time asking if they are normal for feeling a certain way when it comes to being turned on by a body part.
I really want you to share your thoughts, even if it’s anonymously, so other people can see that they are not alone on their feelings.   It’s perfectly normal to feel the way you feel sexually.   It’s equally important to communicate your feelings with your sexual partner.

Too often, we shy away from talking about sex and sexual turn-ons, and I think it is out of fear of embarrassment.   There is nothing to be ashamed about.   The more open we are about sex the more we will understand that the things we think are ‘weird’, are really pretty normal.

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Anthony Hunter

Anthony Hunter