Signs of Attraction

Signs of Attraction

How To Get a Relationship Following are 12 Universal Signs of Attraction That You Will Want To Know!

We all know how confusing it can be when trying to figure out whether or not someone is attracted to us.
They seem to be shooting us signs of attraction …or is it  just a friend thing…or is it they don’t like us at all?

Sometimes you can spend a lot of time wondering «Is he or she attracted to me?», and the longer it takes to find out the harder it is to stay sane.

Not knowing is killing you because you would just like to know if you just approach this person or if you should just give up on the thought of dating him or her.

You will find that once you take your confusing emotions and feelings out of it and start analyzing it with your head – the truth will show itself to you quite clearly.

5 Signs of Attraction To Watch For!

1. They act, talk, walk, speak, and hold themselves differently in front of you.

Basically you are watching for a split personality here.

When you see them with others they are outgoing and crazy and when they get around you they become quiet and sheltered.
Or they could be shut down around others but loud and funny around you.

Either way if a personality change only happens when they are around you, then you know that they feel differently about you than the other people.

Remember if they didn’t like you they wouldn’t care what you think and act the same as they do with their friends or people they don’t know.

2. They seem to have a better time around you.

When we are close to someone we are attracted to and we are having positive conversations or activities around us we instantly feel better about life.

Scientists say there is increase levels of the hormone dopamine when you are attracted to someone. And get this…when your brain releases the dopamine it gives your the same feeling that taking cocaine or speed would give you. So attraction literally creates a high – a high you will see!

Smiling, laughing, and a excited demeanor are all signs of attraction.
Exaggerated laughing may be annoying but it is an obvious sign that they are feeling really good right now – just think cocaine and work past the shriek.

3. You say that there’s a monster under your bed and they confirm without hesitation.

It really doesn’t matter what you say they will always seem to be on your side.

That’s just a part of human nature. When we are attracted to someone we want them to like us back, and we think we can do that by thinking exactly the way they do.

So your admirer will agree with you in one way or the other even if you say that the sky is green.

4. Their body language will never lie to you about their emotions.

Our body language can’t hide how it feels in certain situations and will always have tells no matter how hard we try to cover it up including when we have attraction towards someone.
We use our body language, unconsciously, to portray what we are feeling. So watch that person’s body language to see if they are sending off signs of being attracted to you.

Keep an eye out for more or less intense eye contact than normal, light touching or accidentally bumping into you, their body turned straight towards you or abnormally far away from you.

Any kind of body language that just doesn’t seem normal is what you are looking for here. If you have to watch them when they don’t know you are around and study how they move, act, speak, and look when talking to people then study how they look when you are around.
One extreme or the other will be enough to show you that there are heightened feelings of attraction that are making them act weird.

5. They are the best listeners in the world!

Talking is easy and we all do it well. Listening is the harder part of the communication process and it can be overlooked in many different conversations. Except one – When we are attracted to someone.

People tend to listen to someone they are attracted to with extra attention because they want to impress the person with their ability to learn as much as they can about them and to be able to regurgitate it at a moments notice.
They basically want you to know they care and understand.

7 More Signs of Attraction That Someone Will Give Off Instinctively

1. They Touch You More Than Ever – Literally

Whether it’s accidental or not they seem to be grazing your thigh with their hand or touching your arm as they go by or any other form of contact that involves your body parts and theirs.

Humans are very aware of their space and what’s in it, and humans are also contact seeking beings when they like someone. If touching is occurring more often than the occasional bump into each other then it is a good sign that they are actively trying to reach out and touch you. And no one will actively reach out and physically touch someone they are not attracted to.

So even if they make it look like an accident you will know that they are either consciously or unconsciously touching you because they are attracted to you.

2. Their Friends All Of A Sudden Pay More Attention to You

Friends tell friends things – like when they are attracted to someone. So if you notice that their friends have started looking at you or talking to you more than chances are that you are being talked about and your presence has started to become more noticed.

We are aware of the things in our mind and we take notice of them by interacting with them. If you are not aware of someone or something then you will most likely not interact with them or notice it until you do become aware of it. Like that fountain you passed a dozen times but never noticed till you needed a drink of water.

So more attention means more people’s minds are thinking about you, which in turn means you are being talked about – which is probably coming from someone who is interested in you. And if all those people are connected to that one person then BAM – that’s a huge sign of attraction from them.

3. They Go Through Mood Swings When You Are Around

They seem extremely happy or extremely quiet. They do not seem to be acting like they do when you see them with their friends or other people.

The reason is because they are nervous around you and they are trying to act differently than they really are. This usually manifests itself into ‘weird’ behavior that doesn’t look normal and instead looks a little off the wall.

Think about it. How many times have you’ve been around someone you like and acted ridiculously not like yourself only to kick yourself later.

4. They Ask Questions That Seem Out Of Place

If someone likes you they will be thinking about you and obviously wondering about you. Who knows exactly what they are thinking about, but you can be sure that it isn’t something they would admit to thinking.

There comes a point when they try to find out information about you that most people wouldn’t normally need to ask. This information will help them fill in the blanks with what they are thinking.

It’s also a way that most people show their interest to you in a subtle way – they try to ask you questions to seem like they are really interested in the answers.

Examples are: What is your favorite music, movie, food, vacation spot, or anything else that is personal to your likes, dreams, or desires.

5. They Smile a Lot When They Are Around You

This boils down to nerves mixed with feeling good about being around you. This often comes out in the form of nervous giggling and seems out of place or out of nowhere.

Real big dorky smiles are normally a huge sign of attraction and not just – well…being dorky.

6. They Say What Seems Like Inappropriate Things to You – If They Were Just Friends

This can be referring to a body part or how lucky your exes were. Anything that makes you think ‘why did they say that? ’ is something that obviously wouldn’t be in a normal everyday conversation.

This is one way of flirting. They are making it known that they notice you and appreciate you by telling you without having to outright tell you.

7. They Remember Details Most Other People Wouldn’t Remember

They show up with your favorite coffee which happens to be a hazelnut latte with soy and a shot of espresso and half the normal amount of whipping cream with chocolate sprinkles in the shape of an N. Then they act like it was no big thing and they just happened to be at Starbucks for their coffee and happened to remembered what you liked.

No one would remember all that if they didn’t like you. Most married couples can’t remember all that!

When we are trying to impress someone and get their attention we pay attention to every little thing they say.
Now that you have 12 new signs of attraction to watch for you should have a better understanding on what that special someone is really trying to tell you – and remember if you think they are attracted to you, and you like them as well, GO FOR IT! Don’t wait until it’s too late or you may regret it.

Anthony Hunter

Anthony Hunter